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Doctor Eric Toennies best chiropractor in O'fallon, IL

Dr. Eric Toennies


Dr. Eric Toennies is not only treating in the Metro-East area, but is also from OFallon, IL. Dr. Toennies first started practicing overseas in Scotland before he came back to open his own practice. He has participated in mission trips around the world, some chiropractic and some not throughout his life. Dr. Toennies graduated with an B.A. in science from the University of Missouri at Columbia (GO TIGERS) in 2013. He then continued his education and received his Doctorate degree in 2016 from Logan University. During his time at Logan, he applied and was accepted into the program for internship at Scott Air Force Base. There Dr. Eric worked under Dr. Portwood for his last year in school. 
He uses his extensive training and wealth of experience to help people achieve amazing results through natural methods. Whether traveling, dealing with patients or coaching, Dr. Toennies loves to teach and help people understand biomechanics of the body. Not only does he help his patients but he is part of the local Kiwanis chapter in which he helps in various events to help raise money for kids in the area. His passion for helping people has brought him to this point in his life where chiropractic care can be provided to the people living throughout the Metro-East area.  
Denise Thompson best massage therapist in O'fallon, IL

Denise Thompson

Massage Therapist

Hello! My name is Denise Thompson and I am the owner of Etheric Bodyworks. 
I advocate the proven benefits of massage therapy in relieving the body’s physical pain, muscular tension, stress reduction and improvement of energy flow. I firmly believe there is a connection between our body, mind and spirit. My approach is guided by an excellent knowledge of physical and energy anatomy. 
In my practice I provide highly personalized, detailed bodywork to address each client’s needs by integrating various massage modalities with a compassionate, intuitive touch. I am very mindful of your overall health and I support coordinating with other health care professionals to reach your desired outcome of pain relief. The goal at Etheric Bodyworks is to provide quality, client-centered bodywork with an honest, patient, nurturing heart.