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Food and Mood

We all know that the food we eat is the fuel our body uses to get through the day but what many don’t know that the quality of that food may actually affect our mood. Caffeine jitters or a sugar rush are fairly common and the grouchiness that results from the crash that follows isn’t a secret. However, understanding why these things happen and how to avoid them is the key to understanding that certain foods can cause depression and a healthy diet can have a positive effect on our emotions. Certain foods provide nutrients that work for the body, others do the opposite. A recent study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, found a correlation between an inflammatory diet and a 41% increased risk of depression. This type of inflammation is caused by our immune system reacting to stressors and a poor diet contributes to this problem. Foods that are likely to trigger inflammation include margarine, refined grains, red meat and soft drinks. Beyond diet and exercise the digestive system and the immune system have a vital role in how our mood and emotions can be affected.

At Tri Force Chiropractic, we recognize that the central nervous system controls all bodily systems including the digestion and immune systems. The central nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and nerves that sends signals to all of the muscles, organs, and glands. Vertebral subluxation (misalignments in your spine) may cause nerve interference that can possibly interrupt those signals, causing bodily systems not to function properly. If the digestive and immune systems are affected by nerve interference then the positive effects of proper diet and exercise may be marginalized. Proper foods and exercise may affect our mood, but a properly functioning nervous system is the foundation of true wellness.

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